July 17, 2017

EWR 1710 
irene kurka: chants
irene kurka (soprano) 

antoine beuger:
un lieu pour faire sonner l'éternité  (youtube)
christopher fox: too far: showing and telling   (youtube)
eva-maria houben: images 2 (10:00)
thomas stiegler: treibgut 4
antoine beuger: chants de passage   (with antoine beuger, flute)  (youtube)
EWR 1711
kevin good: listen
mike jones, libby cohen, sayun chang, andrey stolyarov, jean carlo urea gonzalez,
robert carl, ken steen, jianpeng feng, yudong wong (voices)
kevin good (field recordings)


audio excerpts:
kevin good: listen  (soundcloud)
EWR 1712/13
emmanuelle waeckerlé: Ode (owed) to O

emmanuelle waeckerlé, andré o. möller, antoine beuger, alissa cheung, josten myburgh, sylvia alexandra schimag, samuel vriezen (voices)
antoine beuger (flute), samuel vriezen (melodica)
CD 1: (story of), (looking for)
CD 2: O(nly), O(hh)
audio excerpts:
►  (story of) (15:00)
►  (looking for) (15:00)
►  O(nly) (15:00)
►  O(hh) (10:00)

more info on the project: