4 double concerts with electronic music curated and performed by andré o. möller
17:00 h 20:00 h
26.07 (wednesday) andré o. möller: entrance
michael pisaro: hearing metal 1: sleeping muse
andré o. möller: 15 sweet nothings for screwed garbage guitar
chiyoko szlavnics: for eva h
27.07 (thursday) andré o. möller: minor changes michael pisaro: hearing metal 1: the endless column
chiyoko szlavnics: 16/15
andré o. möller: for phill niblock - without words

28.07 (friday) andré o. möller: writing two names (natalie & andré) michael pisaro: hearing metal 1: sculpture for the blind
chiyoko szlavnics: interior landscapes
folke rabe: what??
29.07 (saturday) andré o. möller: lines 2.1 20:00 h
andré o. möller: ascending chord melody for tony conrad
21:30 h
andré o. möller: triadic for antoine beuger