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C. Kenneth Lee
dialogues with environments

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EWR 1202
C. Kenneth Lee
C. Kenneth lee (piano)

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All works on this CD were performed and recorded in live concert situations.
The recordings  have been left unchanged for this CD project, as i wanted to focus on the way these pieces interacted with the particular environments they were played in.
Whether it was the instrument's turn to speak, during the rests when the environment spoke or when both spoke: there always was a beautiful, spontaneous and unforeseeable interaction between music and space, which wouldn’t have been there in a studio setting.
The pieces contain many rests, allowing some focus on the sounds of the environment.
Be it a cough, a sneeze, an electrical interference, the sound of a door opening and closing or someone in the audience accidentally dropping something: all these events and activities, spontaneous and inevitable, are just as crucial as the sounds from the instrument.
Composed 2011 as an homage to John Cage's 4'33", these pieces seek to epitomize its very idea, whilst allowing for intentional sounds (properly executed musical notes) to occur as well.