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Tom Johnson . Samuel Vriezen
The Chord Catalogue . Within Fourths/Within fifths

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EWR 1304
Tom Johnson, Samuel Vriezen
Samuel Vriezen (piano)

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The Chord Catalogue
: all 8178 two- to thirteen-note chords possible within one octave.
Within Fourths/Within Fifths: progressions in one to five voices of all possible combinations of notes with each voice being limited to three steps, a perfect fourth apart from the neighboring voices (Within Fourths) or to four steps, a perfect fifth apart from the neighboring voices (Within Fifths).
I like to think of The Chord Catalogue as a sort of natural phenomenon – something which has always been present in the ordinary musical scale, and which I simply observed, rather than invented. It is not so much a composition as simply a list.
                        - Tom Johnson

Within Fourths/Within Fifths is dedicated to Tom Johnson, composer of many beautiful chord enumeration pieces to which my piece is very much indebted, in gratitude for his inspiring and fun musical explorations.
                        - Samuel Vriezen