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Peter Streiff
Urs Peter Schneider . Klavier

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EWR 1401
Peter Streiff
Urs Peter Schneider (piano)

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I have played my friend Peter Streiff’s music for decades, and it has always moved and inspired me with its mindfulness, its spiritual force and daring novelty, where unusual demands and joyfulness are in balance.
Urs Peter Schneider, December 2013

Von Magischem/Of magic nrs 5 & 6
Écriture automatique. Absence of intentionality and dissolution of referential thin- king. Written down after long preparation in pace with the actual duration of the piece.

Three piano studies
Movements and duration: an expansive movement of the arm from one piano key to the next, a note resounds, its duration governed by the silent movement.

Exercise: letting your fingers run whilst avoiding the predominance of individual fingers or sounds. Towards the end the shape becomes deliberate.

Melody with accompaniment: melody with colorful shadows

Melodies Vol. I A selection of finds and fragments; discarded, integrated, detached, and buried elements from other pieces.

Kleines Symbol IV/Small Symbol IV Recognizable fuzziness, hidden clarity, a simple development.

De?Pression! A shadow, a distention, a breath; rising, lying down?

Durchflossener Granit (Elf Kiesel)/Flowing through granite (eleven pebbles) Song, song/forest, gesture/mountain trail, agitation/adage, network/stream, breakthrough/room, impetus/confinement, noise/name, arch/ritual, number/fragment, fragment

Modell zur Gewichtsverlagerung/Model to shift weight Agitation within, shifts at the margins.

Neun kleine Bässe/Nine small basses One room, two melodic movements, nine cross shapes: pendulum-bass/lamento-
bass / splayed-bass / sequence-bass / lying-bass / box-bass / rotational-bass /cross-bass / spring-bass.

Translation Daniel Dubach, Bern CH