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kevin good
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EWR 1711
Kevin Good
Mike Jones, Libby Cohen, Sayun Chan, Andrey Stolyarov, Jean Carlo Urena Gonzalez, Robert Carl, Ken Steen, Jianpeng Feng, Yudong Wong (voices)
Kevin Good (field recordings)


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notes on listen

recently, I have become interested in the idea of music blending with the environment the listener is in, rather than the music creating its own environment. In listen, I have recorded a balance of sounds that occur naturally throughout the day and others created intentionally in imitation of those sounds.

the piece is comprised of four field recordings, collected in an area near my current home (Avon, CT) at different times of the day. I listened to each of the recordings and isolated sounds that I found interesting and then attempted to recreate them intentionally. I accomplish this either by shutting a door, opening a mailbox, turning on a sink, etc.

I also imitate sounds by finding a similar instrumental sound (such as rubbing hands on a bass drum to create a wind-like sound). the instrumental sounds are mixed very low and may even been inaudible in most listening situations.
the last compositional element is the human voice, sparsely utilized and becoming more so throughout the piece. none of the sounds have been electronically processed in any way. this work may be listened to in any environment.

listen was originally conceived as a headphone piece; however, using speakers or other playback methods may be interesting as well. it is my hope that listen can remind listeners to pay attention to their environment's sounds not only when listening to this piece but, when listening in general.

- kevin

spring 2015

audio excerpts:

kevin good: listen  (soundcloud)