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hermann meier
works for piano 1949-1987
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EWR 1715/16
Hermann Meier
Dominik Blum (piano)

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in this edition we hear for the first time the complete solo piano works from between 1949 and 1987 of the swiss avant-garde composer hermann meier.
before the time of the three movement sonata meier composed several dodecaphonic works some of which were cyclic. these were not considered for this CD,
since the sonata contains structurally a replica of all that meier wrote before. the sonata coincides with the first serial sketches and visions,
together with integral thinking using rows and is as such for meier's eminent work from the 50s onward, both retrospectively as well as anticipatory, of great importance.
the piano piece hmv* 37 from 1956 exists only as a pencil sketch. why the composer wrote no definitive version is not known.
thanks to mark kirchenmann and his publishing house aart verlag, we now have this fair copy. may this edition make a contribution to a wider appreciation of
herman meier's work.
dominik blum, october 2017
translation: kit powell

* hermann meier verzeichnis (sacher stiftung, heidy zimmermann)

CD 1
1     hmv 37      klavierstück (1956)                  
2     hmv 70      klavierstück für charles dobler (1968)
3     hmv 39      klavierstück (1957)
4-6  hmv 24      sonate für klavier (1948-49)
7     hmv 36      zwei klavierstücke für lilo mathys (1955-56) / 1

CD 2
1     hmv 69      kleine elegie für klavier für gaby stebler (1968)
2     hmv 40      klavierstück (1957)
3     hmv 99      klavierstück für urs peter schneider (1987)
4     hmv 27      klaviervariationen für hermann gattiker (1951-52; rev. 1969)
5     hmv 36      zwei klavierstücke für lilo mathys (1955-56) / 2


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