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michael winter
approximating omega
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EWR 1718
Michael Winter
Muirgen Éléonore Gourgues (reading), Judith Hamann (violoncello)
Michael Winter (piano)

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approximating omega
text adapted from gregory chaitin's 1994 book the limits of mathematics
muirgen éléonore gourgues (reading)
judith hamann (violoncello)
with samples contributed by:
tomás cabado, raven chacon, yiannis christofides, alan courtis, john eagle,
carmina escobar, bryan eubanks, jacqueline george, tom johnson, david kant,
aj kluth, ulrich krieger, juan sebastián lach lau, ingrid lee, john lely, todd lerew,
heather lockie, scott mclaughlin, ezequiel menalled, ian mikyska, pablo riera,
dean rosenthal, karen santana, james saunders, marcus schmickler, elliot simpson,
mark so, laura steenberge, adrian tenney, philip thomas, samuel vriezen,
lucie vítková, manfred werder, byron westbrook, michael winter and melike yersiz
arranged by aidan reynolds and michael winter
for gregory chaitin
michael winter (piano)
a realization of a subset of ‘omega’ (or chaitin’s constant): a maximally complex, incomputable number defined
as the halting probability for some universal, prefix-free turing machine. the subset of omega used for this realization
(given by the bit string on the cover) is presented in the 2002 article by cristian calude et al. entitled computing a glimpse of randomness.

audio excerpts:
►  approximating omega  (15:00)
►  for gregory chaitin  (10:20)