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dean rosenthal
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EWR 1909
dean rosenthal
several performers at different places
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Dean Rosenthal (1974)
Stones / Water / Time / Breath

1 Duntara, Newfoundland, Canada
Performers: Gayle Young, Reinhard Reitzenstein

2 Prospect Park Lake, Brooklyn, New York
Performers: Jen Baker, Gelsey Bell, William Lang, Stephanie Richards, Sara Schoenbeck, Ezra Teboul, Lucie Vítková

3 Cooper Lake, Woodstock, New York [March 27, 2013]
Performer: Russell Craig Richardson

4 Nine Mile Pond, Wilbraham, Massachusetts
Performer: Dean Rosenthal

5 Cooper Lake, Woodstock, New York [January 26, 2013]
Performers: Dorota Czerner, Russell Craig Richardson


audio excerpt:
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►  track 2 (05:08)


Site-specific: outside, by the water, any body of water, like: a pond,
the ocean, a lake, a stream, a river ...

Materials: stones

As many or as few as desired

Maybe they are already there


Arrive, set a start time, start

Use the stones as elements or implements to make percussive sounds on the water

Play the water with the stones
Play singly, together, rhythmically, with solos, tuplets, common rhythms, irregular rhythms, cycles, patterns, with no rhythms

There can be pauses

No speaking

When you feel the piece has ended, end the performance

For any number of performers

May 12, 2012
Edgartown Great Pond
Martha's Vineyard

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