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dante boon
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dante boon (piano)
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EWR 1916
dante boon (piano)
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hannesson (1968)  boon (1973)  philippakopoulos (1969)

1 mark hannesson

2 dante boon

3 anastassis philippakopoulos

4 anastassis philippakopoulos

5 anastassis philippakopoulos

6 anastassis philippakopoulos
signposts (2016)

duo (2h) (2017)

piano piece (2016)

piano piece (2017)

piano piece (2018)

piano piece (2018 β)


audio excerpt:
►  dante boon: duo (2h) (14:32)


Mark Hannesson's music often is about people: be it his children, the shuffling of feet or the victims of a US drone attack in Pakistan.
Signposts is about composers: the ones listed in the Wandelweiser catalogue of 2016. Their music can be heard in the fragments chosen freely by the pianist.

Anastassis Philippakopoulos writes melodies: the melody has become a piece. There are scales and permutations, variations but no motifs.
The melodies are mostly about what he sees: the sea, the sky, mountains.

Duo (2h) is a duo for pianist.
There are 40 measures and each hand has a solo twice.
It feels like a very personal piece to its composer and had never been played in public before this recording was made.