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kevin good
slow, silent, singing
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EWR 2008
kevin good
michael jones (glockenspiel)

kevin good (1992)
slow, silent, singing
1       slow, silent, singing

michael jones (glockenspiel)


audio excerpt:
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►  end (15:00)
in michael jones' able hands, the tones of slow, silent, singing feel as if they are being plucked from the vine. but the vine is diagonal. it is as easy to reach a high hanging fruit (or a high note) as a low one. the bells of the glockenspiel are all available all the time ... in theory at least. but kevin good makes a continuously evolving selection, always with the full gamut in mind, but only ever choosing a few. on the page they are patterns more than melodies, diagonals that can be quickly scanned. however, the notes are deceptively, patiently spread out in time – so that the decaying tones become something like melody. we, the listeners, fill the gaps. we are the ones who sing.

michael pisaro-liu, september, 2020