we sadly had to once again cancel three weeks of "composers meet composers" as we had planned them for 2021.

mentors planned:
joep dorren (,
nomi epstein (,
liisa hirsch (,
catherine keller (,
sabine schall (,
marianne schuppe (,
stefan thut (,
els van riel (,
emmanuelle waeckerlé (,
and me (

it is bitter to have to take this decision again. we were all hopeful, that this year everything would go more smoothly. unfortunately,
the opposite seems to be the case.

that said, i do hope, that our decision may give us all some relief from waiting against the odds for probabilities to change on a global scale,
so we can refocus our energies to what we can make possible more locally.

here are some thoughts i recently formulated around this:

while this is certainly not a time for planning ahead or for being naively (carelessly?) optimistic, i am trying to not give in to any all too
paralyzing negative probabilities, remaining open instead for what might reveal itself as possible in the midst of the impossible.
it is a bit like being in the middle of a fairy-tale (one of rebecca solnit’s metaphors for what we are going through): facing impossible tasks,
being surrounded by discouraging advisors („be realistic and give up, you’ll never be able to do it anyway“), but somehow hoping against all hope
for some liberating encounter with a little squirrel, who shows the way out. in fairy-tales it always makes sense to not give up and
be persistent against all odds and advices …
or like emily dickinson’s: „i dwell in possibility / a fairer house than prose“
and from day to day it becomes clearer to me, that this rebelliously poetic and creative/creaturely world of the „im/possible“
(catherine keller’s way to describe the cracking up of the impossible in order to allow „impossible“ possibilities to emerge and to proliferate) is just
fully incompatible with the probabilistic world of the cynical realists.
so for me my task is to care for what is im/possible, instead of taking care for what is probable. and maybe the im/possible is right in front of us,
right where we are, inviting us to come in ….

anyway, let’s hope, that next year will be different in the best im/possible way!
we remain totally committed to continue composers meet composers next year