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Daniel Brandes is a husband, father, composer, performer, choir director, and teacher. He lives in Victoria, BC with his wife Laura and son Peter.
Daniel’s musical practice aspires to create, and inspire, spaces that are predicated upon gentleness and receptivity as first principles, and that honour and bear witness to our shared human vulnerability.
Daniel is an active member of the Wandelweiser experimental music community. In 2012, Daniel and Laura founded the monthly listening series A Place to Listen, a home for experimental music in Victoria, BC. Daniel is also a founding member (piano, melodica, voice) of the A Place to Listen Ensemble, a community of friends and musicians that has grown and evolved over the course of the A Place to Listen series.
Daniel’s music has been performed around the world. He is grateful to the amazing community of artists that has given his music a home, including: A Quiet Night In, Atalier Jaku, Dogstar Orchestra, Extradition Series, KLANGRAUM, Klan dim dach, Quatuor Bozzini, Duo 1010, Same Ensemble, Antoine Beuger, Dante Boon, Cheryl Duvall, Odeya Nini, Leo Svirsky, Andrea Young, and many others.
In addition to his activities as a composer and performer, Daniel teaches at the Victoria Conservatory of Music and is the program director for the ChoirKids outreach initiative. Daniel has also been the music director at James Bay United Church since 2011.