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Marcus Kaiser wurde 1967 in tübingen geboren.
studium an der kunstakademie düsseldorf 
und an der
robert-schumann-musikhochschule düsseldorf.

more: marcus-kaiser.net >>


Marcus Kaiser studied cello at the Robert Schumann University of Music and Media in
Düsseldorf before graduating from the city’s Art Academy. Pursuing an interdisciplinary
approach, Marcus produces works oscillating between art and music.
Usually working simultaneously on different series and groups of works over long periods
of time, the artist sometimes combines the results to complex installations on the occasion
of major exhibitions – installations that may provide him with a starting point for
interactions and further works of art. (Albertina museum, Vienna 2018)

Marcus is a cellist–painter–architect–composer–builder/designer–maker of sound
pieces–video artist. He does not juggle these activities – he works on all of them
simultaneously as if they were part of some vast rhizomatic assemblage. He paints jungles
the way they grow: adding layer after layer of green until it is nearly a monochrome.
He records individual layers of sound regularly over the course of many days, until, when
simultaneously played back, these recordings reach a point of near saturation (in which,
however, sonic features remain distinguishable). (wandelweiser by Michael Pisaro, 2009)