May 22, 2018

EWR 1801
toshi ichiyanagi: sapporo
dean moore (air pressure tom, prepared snare, cymbal tree, shakers),
jay hamilton (cello) , carl lierman (analog synthesizer).
mike shannon (dilruba, erhu, harmonium),
dave knott (korg DS-10, monochord, rocks, voice, kitchen faucets),
david stanford (electric guitar, e-bow), jonathan way (khaen, yueqin, autoharp),
robert j kirkpatrick (prepared wire-strung harp, iphone oscillator),
stuart dempster (trombone), eric lanzillotta (acoustic guitar, uncut nail,
contact microphone, psaltery bow, ring modulator, singing bowl, telephone bells,
light bulb, spring, umeboshi pit, shell, resin, glass, marble, button, glass fuses),
esther sugai (flute, two fue: japanese bamboo flutes)
audio excerpt:

►  sapporo (15:00)
EWR 1802
marianne schuppe: nosongs   
marianne schuppe (voice, lute, uber-bows)
►  calling (6:48)
►  fingers (5:35) 
►  still (2:34) 
EWR 1803
johan lindvall: giraffe
fredrik rasten (acoustic steel string guitar and voice(
audio excerpts:

►  as though it had shut its eyes (06:06)
►  if not in love already (02:21)
►  giraffe (02:19)
►  afield (02:33)
EWR 1804
dante boon (piano)
audio excerpts:
►  from: antoine beuger: pour être seul(e), sans réserve  (15:00)
►  dante boon: years, numbers (05:34)
►  taylan susam: tombeau (11:26) 
EWR 1805
cyril bondi and d'incise: kirari-kirari
cyril bondi (vibraphone, composition), d'incise (metalic objects, composition),
magnus granberg (piano), anna lindal (baroque violin),
anna-kaisa meklin (viola da gamba), christoph schiller (spinet)

1    kirari-kirari I
kirari-kirari I
audio excerpts:
►  from: kirari-kirari I  (10:00)
►  from: kirari-kirari II (10:00)
EWR 1806
sergio merce: three dimensions of the spirit
sergio merce (prepared tenor sax, microtonal sax)
1         one-dimensional
2         the same morning
3         ondular de la espera
audio excerpt:
►  one-dimensional  (7:00)
►  the same morning  (8:30)