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Paul Beaudoin

Paul Beaudoin (b. 1960, Miami, FL, USA) – is an academically trained composer who received a Ph.D. in music theory and composition from Brandeis University. He is an award-winning educator and published author on John Cage, Gyorgy Ligeti, and the history of American music. For decades, Paul lived in Boston, MA, where he conducted, played clarinet, and taught music and art history at several universities.  As an educator, he was a leading advocate for online learning and spent a decade traveling the globe to train teachers how to teach with technology.
In 2015, Paul was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship that brought him to Estonia.  During this period, Paul’s inner creativity was reawakened.  He began painting, making experimental video art, and writing poetry. During this time, Paul experienced a radical shift in his creative work as he reflected on his academic career and inner spiritual transformation. Paul’s music moved away from the dissonant, angular music he felt was expected of an academic composer in New England.  Paul’s music softened, expanding into long, slowly evolving soundscapes living somewhere between ambient music and the long drone music of composers such as La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, and Eliane Radigue.  Paul’s recent music parallels his visual work, where soft backgrounds are etched with foreground gestural mark-making.
Paul is a globally recognized composer, visual artist, experimental video maker, and writer who lives in an Estonian neighborhood formerly occupied by the Soviet military.