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i was born in 1986 in amsterdam, the netherlands, to turkish parents. my music has been performed in the usa, europe and the far east, mostly by musicians affiliated with the wandelweiser group

other ensembles who have played my music include the folds ensemble, the dog star orchestra, ensemble chronophonie, asko ensemble, orkest de ereprijs, the post quartet, incidental music, the melodica quartet, nieuw ensemble, the barton workshop, charleston new music collective and the s.e.m. ensemble

frequent collaborators include antoine beuger, manfred werder, koen nutters, joseph kudirka, john lely, jason brogan, sam sfirri, stefan thut, david kant, james fulkerson, tobias liebezeit, samuel vriezen, dante boon and jeremiah runnels

i have studied composition formally with samuel vriezen, martijn padding and yannis kyriakides; incidentally with petr kotik, alvin lucier, christian wolff, richard ayres and bernhard lang.  other important mentors have been james fulkerson, antoine beuger and dante boon.  clarinet lessons with emirhan tuğa and piano lessons with selim doğru.

further personal influences include the philosopher victor kal, theorist ervin wilson (via kraig grady and daniel wolf), johann georg hamann, ivan illich, etc.

recent notable projects include a collaboration with antoine beuger and the austrian poet oswald egger and a 24-hour performance in zurich with manfred werder and stefan thut

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