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2008, canadian composer andré cormier asked me, whether i could imagine having him as a student for an intensive period of study (3 weeks). 
i had been teaching and coaching composers on a private (non-institutional) basis for many years, but never had thought of anything like this before.
being very enthusiastic about the idea i happily agreed.
helped by a grant of the canadian council of the arts andré came to düsseldorf july 2009.
this  very positive experience (both for andré and for me) inspired me to think of a way to make this opportunity available to other young composers as well, so they may benefit from my long-standing experience not only as a composer and teacher, but also as a concert organizer, performer and publisher.

an intensive period of study, discussion, analysis, commentary, advice, support based on your personal needs and wishes.

* in-person

   you stay at our place in haan (near düsseldorf) for a mentoring period of 1 or 2 weeks.

   we work out a personal work plan and meeting schedule, while you are here.
* online
   a series of 5 or 10 online video meetings.

   in our first meeting we work out a personal work plan and meeting schedule.


some possible subjects
* process of composing
* works finished or unfinished (your work or works of other composers you would like to talk about)
* life  as a composer
* collaboration with performers: rehearsal methods, concert preparation
* producing concerts
* collaboration with other composers
* general philosophies regarding experimental art, music, composition
* use of time and silence – techniques and approaches
* musical material, sound/silence
* relations between works (work series, collections, etc.)
* implications of writing for one, two, three, etc… performers
* (alternate) tunings and its implications
* musical notation (various forms of musical scores, text scores, etc), implications for performance
some possible goals
* (re)energizing your creative process: overcome stagnation, fears, writer’s block 
* develop a deepened sense of connection to your work
* find out your artistic “truth”: what is it your work is affirming
* develop a renewed sense of purpose as regards your work
* challenge artistic, social, personal norms 
* push boundaries
* find new directions

* in-person

   1 week (accommodation - room, meals - included):    900 €

   2 weeks (accommodation - room, meals - included): 1600 €

* online

   meeting 1 -5:   400 € (80 € per meeting)

   meeting 6 -10: 300 € (60 € per meeting)

past mentees
andré cormier (CAN) , gary schultz (USA), sam sfirri (USA), christoph korn (D),
charlie usher (UK), daniel brandes (CAN), jeromos kamphuis (NL),
hendrik rungelrath (D), ole schmidt / chris weinheimer (D), cem güney (TR),
leo svirsky (USA), miguel angel tolosa (ESP), marianne schuppe (CH),
jamie drouin (CAN), jorge gomez abrante (USA), d. edward davis (USA),
mark hannesson (CAN), johan lindvall (SE), katy bauer (UK), yannick guédon (F),
alex mah (CAN), josten myburgh (AUS), alissa cheung (CAN), morgan evans weiler (USA),

bin li (CHN, USA), toby roundell (UK, CHN), tomás cabado (ARG), lukas huber (CH),

pema bennardis (NL), sean tartaglia (USA), germaine sijstermans (NL), sergio cote barco (COL),

maximiliano bober (ARG), ailie robertson (UK), malala lekander (ARG), kory reeder (USA),

donggneuk kim (KOR/USA), james creed (UK), steven vinkenoog (NL), angeles rojas (ARG), max gibson (UK/USA), frederik donche (B), sepand shahab (USA), laura strøbech (AUS), gregor forbes (UK),

yiorgis sakellariou (GR/LT), maxi mas (ARG), richard p. john (UK), andrew maxbauer (USA), lorenzo garcia (IT),
noah jenkins (USA), sylvia lim (UK), alex jang (CAN), stephen flinn (USA/D), aaron lockhart (USA) 

if you are interested, please mail me at
or call me at:

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