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composer meets composer (neufelden, austria / 3 separate weeks in june and july and august 2019) >
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creating music together (La Quinta Tonantzin, Tepoztlan, Mexico) / january  2-9 2019) >



2008, canadian composer andré cormier asked me, whether i could imagine having him as a student for an intensive period of study (3 weeks). 
i had been teaching and coaching composers on a private (non-institutional) basis for many years, but never had thought of anything like this before.
being very enthusiastic about the idea i happily agreed.
helped by a grant of the canadian council of the arts andré came to düsseldorf july 2009.
this  very positive experience (both for andré and for me) inspired me to think of a way to make this opportunity available to other young composers as well, so they may benefit from my long-standing experience not only as a composer and teacher, but also as a concert organizer, performer and publisher.
you come to düsseldorf for a mentoring period of 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
your stay will be an intensive period of study, discussion, analysis, commentary, advice, support based on your personal needs and wishes.
we work out a personal work plan and meeting schedule.
in addition, since i am engaged in a very lively concert series for experimental music in düsseldorf, you are likely to meet other interesting composers and musicians.
also, including some of your music in these concerts might be possible.

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3 separate weeks in june and july and august 2019

week 1: june 24 - 30
with Antoine Beuger, Joachim Eckl, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Marianne Schuppe, Jürg Frey
week 2: july  08 - 14
with Antoine Beuger, Joachim Eckl, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Cat Lamb, André O. Möller 

week 3: august  26 - september 1
with Antoine Beuger, Joachim Eckl, Emmanuelle Waeckerle, Eva -Maria Houben, Johnny Chang

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Creating Music Together

Seven days of silence, listening, singing, and composing
La Quinta Tonantzin, Tepoztlan, Mexico / january  2-9, 2019)

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Craig Shepard now offers 13-week courses in composition mentoring, focusing on developing and maintaining a long term composition practice and working through creative blocks. Integral to the course is an engagement with the rich music and art of New York. Especially welcome are young composers wishing to develop a practice without going into debt. Assistance available to obtain housing and visa. Shorter courses will be considered. Limited availability. To apply, please send an email describing who you are and why you want mentoring to craig [at]

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