KLANGRAUM  2019    "day by day"    (VI)
    Kunstraum /Jazz-Schmiede, Himmelgeisterstraße 107, Düsseldorf
tuesday, august 13 wednesday, august 14 thursday, august 15 friday, august 16 saturday, august 17 sunday, august 18    
    10:30 h como un océano ... my heart is a mountain cat, rebecca my heart is a mountain como un océano ... 11.00 h    
ryan dohoney: talk    

15:00 h    
 kory reeder: messier    
performed by all parrticipants    

    11:30 h
divina commedia
johnny, derek vedbaek
johnny, derek divina commedia
    12:30 h
cat, rebecca
pájaros cargando memorias johnny, derek pájaros cargando memorias
cat, rebecca
    16:00 h
pájaros cargando memorias

my heart is a mountain vedbaek pájaros cargando memorias
    17:00 h
tea talk 1:
valeria, sergio

tea talk 2:
tea talk 3:
tea talk 4:
tea talk 5:
    19:30 h
my heart is a mountain
divina commedia pájaros cargando memorias divina commedia my heart is a mountain
    20:30 h vedbaek como un océano ...
divina commedia como un océano ... vedbaek
    21:30 h johnny, derek cat, rebecca como un océano ... cat, rebecca johnny, derek
    cat, rebecca
    cat lamb (compostion, viola)
    rebecca lane (composition, flute)

    divina commedia
    after the poem by dante alighieri
    tomma galonska (concept, actress)
    johnny, derek
    johnny chang (composition, viola),
    derek shirley (composition, violoncello)

   my heart is a mountain
   marielle groven (composition piano),
   two string players
   pájaros cargando memorias
   sergio cote barco (composition), all
   ailie robertson (composition), all
   como un océano de olas innumerables
   antoine beuger (composition), 4 players

 tea talk 1 - 5    
   sandra schimag interviews some of the participants    

also participating:    
   valeria barnier (vocals)    
tobias liebezeit (percussion)
andré o. möller (guitar, electronics)