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Johnny Chang

Berlin-based composer-performer JOHNNY CHANG engages in extended explorations surrounding the relationships of sound/listening and the in-between areas of improvisation, composition and performance.

As composer and performer, his articulated performances have been featured in: Moment Musicaux (Aarau), Sonic Acts Festival at Paradiso) / DNK at Muziekgebouw / STEIM (Amsterdam), Plattfon (Basel), Sonic Arts Research Centre - Queen’s University (Belfast), Q-O2 workspace (Brussels), reiheM (Cologne), Donaueschinger Musiktage (Donaueschingen), Wandelweiser Klangraum (Düsseldorf), cave12 (Geneva), Stark Bewölkt (Hamburg), University of Huddersfield, Oblò Sonic (Lausanne) Cafe OTO (London), Disney Hall / REDCAT Theater / The Wulf (Los Angeles), Klang im Turm (Munich), Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall / Cooper Union (New York City), Umlaut festival (Berlin & Paris), Dotolim (Seoul), Künstlerhaus / Säulenhalle (Solothurn), Crow with No Mouth (St Paul, Minneapolis), Arnold Schönberg Center / echoraum / rhiz / Reheat Festival (Vienna) to various experimental music series/venues in Berlin such as ausland, Errant Bodies, Labor Sonor, Quiet Cue, N.K., Studio 8, Sophiensaele, Uferstudios, WestGermany.

Since November 2010, Johnny Chang and Koen Nutters initiated and co-curated concert series Konzert Minimal which presents performances and events centered around the music of the Wandelweiser group.

Currently collaborates with: Peter Ablinger, Antoine Beuger, Lucio Capece, d'Incise, Claudia Garbe, Catherine Lamb, Hannes Lingens, Radu Malfatti, Mike Majkowski, Chris Newman, Koen Nutters, Morten J Olsen, Michael Pisaro, Derek Shirley, Rishin Singh, Taku Sugimoto, Takako Suzuki, Stefan Thut, Manfred Werder.



konzert minimal (concert series) - violin/viola/composition >>      

the new silence  - performance / installation with Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen >>

viola torros - research / performance project with composer/violist, Catherine Lamb >

illogical harmonies - the music of this duo highlights string resonance and illogical harmonies >>

the stymphalian birds - research / performance project with composer/trombonist/performer, Rishin Singh >>