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Tim Parkinson
piano piece

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EWR 1005
Tim Parkinson
Philip Thomas (piano)

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piano piece (2006)
Starting from nothing except the idea of the sound of the instrument, and the possibility of anything.
From this starting point, then tracing a path through this limitless field of constant possibility.
Focusing on the present. Every moment in the piece as a beginning.
piano piece (2007)
To work, for a period of time, until that work and time is over.
Working, and the resultant work itself, as a means of knowledge, an instrument of exploration; which is therefore always beyond oneself, in advance of one's intelligence and faith. (Paraphrased from a quotation by René Girard)
Tim Parkinson
Arrayed neatly, but in dislocated sequence, across clean white pages using a standard music notation software, the material of Tim Parkinson's piano pieces suggests anonymity.
Traces of other musics may be suggested by some of the material, though the focus for the performer is on projecting the sounds without the clutter of imposed interpretative rhetoric.
In so doing both composer and performer declare themselves and this beautiful music is revealed.
Philip Thomas

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