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eli neuman-hammond
carnival's quarrel with lent
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EWR 2111
eli neuman-hammond
eli neuman-hammond, ella heron, sophia o'brien-udry, story ponvert, matthew tuggle (slide whistles)



audio excerpt:
►  glissando 1 (09:00)
►  quintet I (08:06)

eli neuman-hammond (1995)
carnival’s quarrel with lent

glissando I

quintet I

quintet II

glissando II

eli neuman-hammond (slide whistle); ella heron (slide whistle); sophia o’brien-udry (slide whistle); story ponvert (slide whistle); matthew tuggle (slide whistle)

“glissando I” and “glissando II” are two realizations of the same score. “glissando I” was performed on a street corner in ridgewood, new york, in june 2020. “glissando II” was performed in washington square park in november 2020.

in july 2020 i recorded “quintet I” in marblehead, massachusetts. “quintet II” shares this piece’s fingerwork, but calls for different breathwork. it was realized with ella heron, sophia o’brien-udry, story ponvert, and matthew tuggle in february 2021, near the same corner in ridgewood where i recorded “glissando I.” this joyful, friendly occasion was the keystone of the record sliding quietly into place.