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carlo inderhees
8 stimmen1
order reference:   
EWR 2112
carlo inderhees
guy vandromme (piano)



audio excerpt:
►  middle of the piece (19:54)

carlo inderhees (1955)
8 stimmen1

8 stimmen1

guy vandromme (piano)
in collaboration with carlo inderhees


what is music made of?
of voices.

and what is a voice?
a sequence of sounds and silences, with its own consistency.
perfectly self-contained: each voice voicing a world.

and what is a world?
a proportion: a specific distribution of movement and repose.
perfect repose, incessant movement.
in between: the infinite plurality of possible worlds.

writing voices means:
to traverse this universe of possibilities, one voice at a time, that is: from world to world.
to dwell in worlds, in spaces,
to be in accordance with them.

and then:
to cast nets, large ones, small ones.
to combine worlds into polyphony.
to create worlds out of worlds, works out of voices. to space out spaces.

"everything wants to float"
the heaviest building wants to be light to live in, just space, not containment,
charm only, not stone.

and voices want to sing:
to sound and be a place for worlds.