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June 8 - July 13 Online
with former Alexander Teacher Frank Sheldon.


am donnerstag, 22. november 2018, fängt der niederländische „concertzender“ eine reihe von zweiwöchentlichen nachtsendungen mit unseren CDs an. es werden voraussichtlich 25 sechsstündige sendungen werden. >>

mai 2017
Dense, diaphanous, changing: An interview with Michael Pisaro
by Nathan  Thomas / fluid radio >>

january 2017
Eva-Maria Houben, István Zelenka
und/oder - 1 Sammlung

Reihe Wandelweiser - Band 5

Edition Wandelweiser
TU Dortmund 2016
ISBN 978-3-940192-07-3

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september 2016
resource guide: Antoine Beuger by Jennie Gottschalk >>

august 2016

New Yorker article: The Composers of Quiet
The Wandelweiser collective makes music between sound and silence. >>

resource guide: Wandelweiser by Jennie Gottschalk >>

Experimental Music Since 1970

by Jennie Gottschalk

"We have needed a reformulation of what experimental music now means, i.e., what it has become since Michael Nyman took stock of it in 1974 - and this book beautifully fulfills that requirement. ..." (Michael Pisaro)

october 2015
new b-boim cd: radu malfatti: „shizuka ni furu ame“  for guitar solo. performed by cristián alvear, and he plays it truly wonderful!
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summer 2015

wonderful new Photobook: Beth O'Brien / Craig Shepard: ON FOOT BROOKLYN
The 64 page hardcover cloth bound book features photography by Beth O'Brien and essays by Craig Shepard. 8.75 x 9.75 inches. >>

october 2014
>> WHAT IS WANDELWEISER radio programm by relevant tones / chicago wandelweiser festival 9 / 2014

september 2014
>> klang - zeit - raum  klangraum düsseldorf 1994 - 2014 (pdf 1,3mb)

>> a beautiful limited edition book designed by Laura Brandes of poetry by Benjamin Brandes.
The book also features liner-notes and a digital download of the recording of Through the window and the wood, a 2 hour and 40 minute work for voice and electronics by Daniel Brandes performed by Andrea Young.

link to "Contemporary Music Review" Special Issue: Wandelweiser
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