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Edwin Alexander Buchholz, accordion, Normisa Pereira da Silva, flute,
on Cage, Pisaro, Frey, Beuger
Edition Wandelweiser Records 
EWR 9601/02 (1996) >

Stones (Christian Wolff) 
Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble 
Edition Wandelweiser Records 
EWR 9604 (1996) >
mind is moving (I)
Michael Pisaro, guitar 
Edition Wandelweiser Records
EWR 0106 (2001) >
harmony series no. 12c 
Daniel Rosenboom, trumpet, Michael Pisaro, sine tones, on Bloodier Mean Son
(Daniel Rosenboom) 
Ninewinds Records 0238 (2005)
Transparent City (Volumes 1 and 2)
field recordings and sine tones 
Edition Wandelweiser Records 
EWR 0706/07 (2007) >
Transparent City (Volumes 3 and 4)
field recordings and sine tones 
Edition Wandelweiser Records
EWR 0708/09 (2007) >
harmony series 11 – 16 
Johnny Chang (violin), James Orsher (harmonium), Kathryn Pisaro (oboe), Michael Pisaro (guitar), Marc Sabat (violin), Mark So, (piano) Greg Stuart (percussion) 
Edition Wandelweiser Records
EWR 0710 (2007) >
an unrhymed chord (excerpt)
Greg Stuart, percussion 
on: Sound Check Three (University of California Press) (2008)
an unrhymed chord
electronic realization produced by Joseph Kuridka and a realization for bowed percussion by Greg Stuart
Edition Wandelweiser Records
EWR 0801/02 (2008) >
Ascending Series (2.1) to Joachim Eckl 
Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble: Antoine Beuger, flute, Jürg Frey, clarinet, Radu Malfatti, trombone, André Möller, guitar, Marcus Kaiser, cello, Christoph Nicolaus, stone harp
compost and height 002, 3” (2008)
Hearing Metal 1 for recorded tam-tam 
performed by Greg Stuart
Edition Wandelweiser Records
EWR 0902 (2009) >
Tom Chant, Angharad Davies, Benedict Drew, John Edwards 
(includes harmony series 8a, 8d and 10, improvisations and Four6 by John Cage) 
Another Timbre AT 18 (2009)
an unrhymed chord
Barry Chabala (25 acoustic guitars) 
Confront Collectors Series, CDr (2009)
A wave and waves
for 100 percussion instruments (performed by Greg Stuart)
Cathnor Records


unter eichen
for electric guitar  (2003) (60’)
Barry Chabala, 2009

Only, harmony series no. 17 (2005/6)
compost and height, documentation and recordings of 17 realizations of the score (2009)   http://harmonyseries.blogspot.com/

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